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Regular tips

  • $10.00 (Guide-$4.00, Driver-$3.00, Police Escorts (if applicable)/Tour Manager-$3.00) per day per person

    • For your required before the end of the tour.

  • You are responsible for all visas, entry documents, health insurance and any other documents required by laws, regulations, orders and/or requirements of the countries to be visited.

Tour Registration

Tour participants must register their names with the required forms and  Passport copies, including all personal information, such as Tel no/email ID. These forms need to be signed by each individual and they must accept the company rules, the cancellation policy, and payment schedules.


Please kindly accept and follow all the instructions and information from the Tour Manager, while you are on MPT announced tour. Please follow all travel rules and regulations of your designated destination. Please respect and listen to your tour Manager, Guide, Group leader and driver while they are assisting you, as long as you are part of the group. Please note, all booking arrangements and communication to the tour manager should be made only through the group leaders.



  • RT air ticket

  • 4 star hotel with breakfast, lunch and dinner

  • A/C Coach with driver, Tour director, guides (where necessary)

  • Entrance fees as per the itinerary subject to the contract.

  • Airport assistance upon arrival/departure.


Not Included:  

  • Tip to Driver/Tour Manager/Guide

  • Travel/Medical insurance


Luggage Restrictions (per passenger):

  • One check-in baggage

    • 27x 20 inch max. Size/ 50lb (Rolling luggage recommended)

  • One piece small cabin bag

    • Please note: There will also be approximately 40+ additional passengers to be accommodated for as well, so please try to limit amount of baggage.

    • Excessive and oversized hand baggage or check in luggage, can be retrieved at the boarding gate or kept in the hotel in their own expense before tour start.


Trip Cancellation

All trips’ cancellation are covered by insurance against the loss of money through the individual or group signed contract.

  • MPT strongly recommends (optional, application form attached) to apply for your travel/health insurance to protect the loss of your money due to any kind of emergency situations that may occur to you/your family (i.e. accident, sickness, emergency medical evacuation).

  • If you experience: pre-departure trip cancellation, post-departure trip cancellation, travel delay, loss of luggage/delay etc. please call:

M.H. Ross Travel Insurance

1(800) 423-3632 or visit for additional information

  • Agency I.D # MPIL 0388 IL.


Important Information:

  • All programs will be operated in accordance with your respective destination’s regulations, regarding driver’s maximum driving time, maximum working time and compulsory resting periods (max 9hrs driving during a 13hr period/day; night rest is 9-11 hrs/3 times per week).

  • European legislation imposes a maximum working period of 12 days consecutively.

    • On the basis of these regulations, any days of travel over 9hrs of driving time, duration/site is subject to change (route will deviate to the next destination with prior notice).

  • If any unavoidable circumstances arise in any countries, the routing (land & air transportation) is subject to change.

  • All price negotiations made by the group leaders are final. Also, after signing the contract, no other price negotiations will be accepted.

    • Please note, that all bookings within a group may result in varying prices based on the season and availability of airline seats.

  • MPT operates strictly on a non-smoking & non-alcoholic policy according to the European law system on board Motor Coaches, while you are in the part of the tour.


M.P.T has authorized the Tour Manager to make the necessary changes in the daily schedule, priority basis, if we need. Your cooperation and prayer is valuable, and is kindly requested.

Questionnaires / Comments:

MPT is requesting you, as a valuable customer, to kindly complete the questionnaires provided.  Your input is highly valued and is vital for our future endeavors. Before the end of the tour, please return completed questionnaire to your tour leader / mail to MPT upon your convenience.

Mr. Mathews Abraham (President)


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